OSC Parking Info
Greetings Old Stone Crossing Residents.
The OSC HOA Board has received several complaints regarding parking safety issues and illegal parking within our community. As a result, the Board created the OSC Parking Committee to address these concerns with the ultimate goal of reducing issues moving forward.  
The OSC Parking Committee is focused on addressing parking issues by:
1.    Providing educational information to residents regarding illegal parking
2.    Partnering with OSC Security, Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police (when necessary) to enforce the Mecklenburg County Parking ordinances
It is illegal and could result in parking citation(s) and associated fine(s) ranging from $25 - $100 per occurrence by CMPD to park in the following manner:
·         On the drivers left side of a two-way street (opposite flow of traffic)
·         On or blocking a sidewalk.
·         On the grass (including between sidewalk and curb)
·         Within an intersection
·         So as to obstruct a curb ramp for handicapped persons.
·         Within 30 feet on the approach to a stop sign / intersection.
·         In front of a mailbox (anytime)
·         On a street in front of a driveway.
·         More than 12 inches from the edge of the roadway
·         In front of or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
If you are interested in joining the OSC Parking Committee please contact parking@oldstonecrossing.com
As a community, let’s work together to improve the safety of our streets by parking appropriately, with respect to our neighbors and the law.
Thank you,
OSC Parking Committee