Report a Violation
How to Report a Violation
Report a Covenant Violation! >> Click Here
There is a feature to upload a photo of the infraction you are reporting and we strongly encourage this be done to enforce applicable covenants. Submitting without a photo may not warrant a letter being issued. Don't worry, you'll always be kept anonymous! 
Items HOA can generally enforce but not limited to the following:
-Tall Grass
-Power Washing
-Damaged Mailbox
-Missing Shutter
*HOA will not enforce parking infractions for vehicles parked on City of Charlotte maintained streets. 
Please have the following ready:
1) Address of Violation (Required)
2) Photo of Violation (Required)
3) Description of Incident (Required)

Violation Timeline and Fines- Guideline 
1st Letter: Notice to Correct
2nd Letter: Warning with 10 days to correct - photo submission of correction required.
3rd Letter: Hearing Notice- fines can be imposed at this stage at up to $100/per day, per occurrence. Photo submission of correction required.
HOA can lien and foreclose for unpaid fines.
Some items of a grave nature or a one-off occurrence can be escalated straight to a hearing. 
Did you know you can respond to your violation letter online? Visit and check out a copy of your letter along with a full-sized color photo under the "Violations" tab.