Report a Violation
How to Report a Violation
City Code Enforcement
Most violations can be resolved quickest through city code enforcement (call 311, submitting a complaint online (click appropriate violation category), or download the CLT+ app for easy reporting).
Enforced codes include:
  • Tall grass/weeds
  • Trash
  • Parking
  • Animal control
  • Nuisance/Noise

See a violation in the community that needs to be addressed by the HOA?
Please submit your concerns via William Douglas' online form. Your information will remain anonymous to the party which you are reporting.
Please have the following ready:
  1. Address of Violation (Required)
  2. Photo of Violation (Required)
    • In order to efficiently process your complaint, please submit a photo of the violation.
    • **If a photo is not submitted, processing of the reported violation may be delayed until one is received.
  3. Description of Incident (Required)
Items HOA can generally enforce but not limited to the following:
  • Tall Grass
  • Unmaintained / overgrown landscaping
  • Power Washing
  • Damaged Mailbox
  • Missing Shutters / torn screens
Please reference the Architectural Design Guidelines for standard expectations.
*HOA cannot enforce parking infractions for vehicles parked on City of Charlotte maintained streets. 

Received a violation?
Violation Timeline and Fines- Guideline 
1st Letter: Notice to Correct
2nd Letter: Warning with 10 days to correct - photo submission of correction required.
3rd Letter: Hearing Notice- fines can be imposed at this stage at up to $100/per day, per occurrence. Photo submission of correction required.
HOA can lien and foreclose for unpaid fines.
Some items of a grave nature or a one-off occurrence can be escalated straight to a hearing. 
Did you know you can respond to your violation letter online? Visit and check out a copy of your letter along with a full-sized color photo under the "Violations" tab.