OSC Amenities Fob & Pool Information
Need a Amenities Key FOB?:
You may pick up your amenities fob  at the Clubhouse Office (16516 Silversword Dr). We will process the fob upon your arrival.
Please click the link to view onsite pick up Schedule

If you're unable to pick up onsite, please complete the Amenities form and request that your fob be mailed to your OSC address. Please allow approximately 2 weeks to receive.
Replacement fobs are $20 each and will be charged to your homeowners' account.
In order to obtain an amenities fob, we will need the homeowner to complete our Acknowledgement form. Please send an email to pool@oldstonecrossing.com requesting that we send the form to the homeowner. The signed homeowner form is required prior to issuance of your fob(s), so you may not be able to immediately receive your fob onsite. We're sorry but no exceptions can be made. Please follow up with the homeowner to ensure they've returned the form.
Upon receipt of the signed form, we will send you an email with the next steps.
Each household is allowed 5 Free guests per month. Additional guest passes can be purchased for $5 each up to 20/month per household. However, you may not bring more than 5 guest per day.
Please submit request to pool@oldstonecrossing.com. Upon updating, you will receive a confirmation email and your homeowners' account will be billed. 
We suggest requesting additional pass(es) at least 48 hours prior to need them.
Upon confirmation email, guest passes are automatically added to the fob.
***Same-day processing and pick-up MAY be available but NO GUARANTEE. Please check the staff availability page, on our website, to verify when someone will be at the Clubhouse to process your request.
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